Save your memories forever with ConvertYourTapes.

Our team has years of experience transferring all formats of tapes to brand-new digital formats so you know you are in safe hands.

We currently convert: VHS, video8, Hi8, Digital8, MDV & HDV to DVD and MP4 (using memory sticks and cloud download).

What we provide:

  • Broken tapes: We will repair your tapes free as part of our service. Last year we transferred 98% of the tapes sent to us.

  • Discounts for large orders: Get up to 35% off large orders; click here for more information.

  • 30-day back-up: We keep your files on our system for 30 days after we send your order in case of any mishaps once your media has left our office.

  • We will never charge for blank tapes

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How it works

1) Select the type of tape you wish to convert and then select whether you would like it putting on memory stick, DVD or the cloud

2) Checkout your order and pay

3) Send off your tapes to us! - You will receive postage instructions by email once you have checked-out

4) We process your tapes and convert your videos to your chosen format(s).

After this we will send back your old tapes with your brand new media ready to play!

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