1) Select your total quantity of tapes you would like to convert (Quantity Option) The base cost to convert your tape is £10


2) Select how many DVD sets/USB copies you want and whether you would like a cloud link or not. (See below for details on format pricing and information). 


3) Place your order :)


We currently convert: VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MDV & HDV


Memory Sticks: (+£3 per Tape Processed) If you select memory stick we will transfer transfer your entire order to one a single memory stick. Please note the additonal cost is per tape processed. If you wish extra copies of your order you can order additional sticks. 


DVD Sets: (+£3.50 per Tape Processed) If you select a DVD set you will receive one DVD for each tape processed. 


Cloud: (+£2 per Tape Processed) You will recieve a link to view and download your files by email. This link can be shared and downloaded from as many times as you wish.


Please get in touch if there is anything you are not sure about! Our team is always happy to help you.


Free return  postage when you spend over £30.

Convert Tapes to USB/DVD/Cloud

  • For your peace of mind we will refund any tapes that are blank or that we are otherwise unable to convert.